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Guillaume Roger


Guillaume ROGER
Responsable des Partenariats
Conseiller Scientifique et International

Guillaume ROGER is an engineer, graduated from both Ecole polytechnique and Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), with more than twenty years’ experience in the aeronautical industry. 

Guillaume started his career in 1998 in Aéroport de Paris (ADP) in the Air Operations Directorate.  

He then moved to work for the French Air Navigation Service Provider (DSNA) where he held several positions mainly in the Technical Directorate. He took also operational responsibilities when he was in charge of Erato Electronic Environment Program, which has been commissioned in Brest and Bordeaux ACC. During that time, he participated in several international groups in SESAR Program, FASTI (Eurocontrol) LINK2000+(Eurocontrol)… 

He has been working for five years in the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile as the Head of Flight School, completing is experience with the airspace user point of view. 

He is now working for the French National Authority as International and Scientific Advisor for the Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile. 

He has been a council member of EUROCAE since 2020 and Vice-President since 2021.